Are You Ready For a Pet Rabbit?

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Rabbits are slowly becoming more popular as pets. Sure, cats and dogs and other pets can be your best friend, but who doesn't love an adorable little rabbit?

Sadly, a lot of people don't do their research on rabbits before adopting one. If you're interested in adopting a rabbit, take this quiz and see if you know all the basics on one of the smartest and most adorable pets there is.

Created by: Tori
  1. What is the minimum amount of out of cage time/exercise time a rabbit should have each day?
  2. How long does the average domestic rabbit live?
  3. Rabbits like to be picked up and held.
  4. How much hay should a rabbit eat each day?
  5. How many cups of vegetables does an average (say 4 lb) rabbit need each day?
  6. Rabbits should have carrots every day.
  7. Rabbits need to be kept outdoors.
  8. Rabbits keep themselves clean, like cats.
  9. What is the MINIMUM sized cage a rabbit should live in?
  10. How often should you clip your rabbit's nails?
  11. How often should you bathe your rabbit?
  12. Rabbits can be litter trained.
  13. What hay should you feed an adult rabbit?
  14. How many pellets should a rabbit be fed each day?
  15. How should you pick up a rabbit?

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Quiz topic: Am I Ready For a Pet Rabbit?