Are You a Rabbit Expert?

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Rabbits are wonderful animals. They are unique, adorable, and sadly, often treated incorrectly by oblivious owners. They are given as presents because everyone thinks they are adorable, and then when the unsuspecting owner goes about caring for them, they get unsatisfactory or even unhealthy lifestyles and are eventually given to a shelter which can be forced to euthanize them.

On the flip side, there are wonderful rabbit experts who know everything from showing to breeding, attitudes to diets. They give their rabbits wonderful lives and happy endings. Which are you? Find out!

Created by: YearlyYeti

  1. What are the main things a rabbit needs in its hutch?
  2. If you must take your rabbit on a car trip, what steps should you take to make it a comfortable journey for the rabbit?
  3. The English Lop is notable for its...
  4. What is it called when a rabbit gives birth?
  5. What, then, are baby rabbits called?
  6. What group do rabbits belong to?
  7. How do you know when your rabbit has heat stroke?
  8. Heat stroke is highly undesirable. How can it be treated?
  9. How should you prevent diseases caused by heat?
  10. So your doe gave birth! You're so excited! What are the do's and do not's?
  11. What is the ideal diet for a rabbit, out of the choices below?
  12. You have a dog or a cat and just got a rabbit, or vice versa. How do you introduce them to each other without bloodshed?
  13. How do you "rabbit-proof" your home?
  14. Outline the grooming of a rabbit.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Rabbit Expert?