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  • Your Result: Percy Jackson

    You will most likely end up with this fun-loving, crazy, and idiotic demi-god who on one hand can be an annoying and stupid Seaweed Brain, but on the other can be a understanding, gentle, chivalrous, trustworthy, kind, passionate, funny, protective, handsome, and striking guy

    koolio i like it

  • Luke, wanted Percy or Nico- but he's cool. Besides, I love guys who are barely sane enough to tell the difference between good and evil. BTW- _celloplayer_ Maybeck is from Kingdom Keepers. I've read every book that each guy is from.

  • Please can you give us a character rundown for the uninitiated?!!!

    Bloodred Cherry
  • Finn Whitman. I don't know who he is, but he sounds awesome!

  • Awesome! I got Nico de angelo

  • I got Maybeck. He sounds really cool, and nice and sweet. What book is he from?

  • Good job! I rly liked this quiz

    haha i dnt even kno most of these guys but it made it better that way :)


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