which bleach charachter is most like you

like bleach and want to which characters represent you well why not take 3 minutes out of day to see what you get you might be pleasently suprised or maybe not but its worth a shot.

every wondered who you would be in the world of bleach well now you can find out your choices will be either stark,orihime,ichigo,uryu or chad (sorry for the lack of characters this is my first quiz)

Created by: itachi97

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you reckless?
  2. would you rather be with friends or be alone?
  3. which would you rather do protect yourself or your friends?
  4. what colour hair do you have
  5. what is your favourite weapon?
  6. which outfit would you rather wear
  7. what do you prefer?
  8. what special power would you have?
  9. are you human
  10. who do you think you wiill get(the answer to this question wont make a difference to your final character )

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