Which Bleach Character Would Be Your Sibling?

There are many quizzes about Bleach. "Who would your boyfriend be on Bleach?" "Which Bleach character are you?" But we got a new idea. Find out who your actual SIBLING is from Bleach.

Just answer all the questions honestly or else the quiz results wont match you. I hope you like the quiz! Because now, you can actually be related to a character on your favorite tv show. Cool? Well I think so but lets see what you think. Get in there and take that quiz!

Created by: Isamu
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  1. Are you more of a person that goes out and fights or a person that tags along?
  2. You come across a Shinagami Captain. He wants to fight you. Are you the one that fights or sits and watches?
  3. Whatever your answer was last, the Captain fights you. Do you win or lose?
  4. If you were a shinagami, would you mostly live in the living world or in Soul Society?
  5. Are you more of a leader or a follower?
  6. I know that everyone hates this question: But, trust me it does help with the quiz results. What is your favorite color?
  7. Ok sorry about the last question. What is your favorite animal?
  8. Ok last question: What kind of a shinagami would you be if you could be one?
  9. Just kidding did you really think that was the last question? HAH! Ok, describe your personality.
  10. Ok this is TRULY the last one. Ready?This might not change your results but for the heck of it, who is your favorite character on Bleach?

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Quiz topic: Which Bleach Character Would Be my Sibling?