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  • I am a ZETA. I am proud to be
    But my suggestion on which sorority you should be.of course everyone will say theirs. I told my little sister join the one that best fits your personality. If you have to change to be apart of it or be phony it's not for you.watch the lines as they cross watch you friends who are and acquaintances if they aren't the same from before they crossed. Evaluate the picture the answer will reveal to you.

    zetakhat Feb 8 '15, 7:29PM
  • Your Result: Delta Sigma Theta

    You should join Delta Sigma Theta. These chicks are real and don't live in fairy tale land. They are honest women and are considered ride or die chicks. They don't take no stuff from anybody and will put you in your place.

    So true!

    Pyra Potter Dec 9 '14, 10:46AM
  • Delta Sigma Theta :) Awesome quiz

    kingceeceee Sep 9 '14, 8:18PM
  • Of course I got AKA and I'm a proud alpha woman !!! Skeee weee!!

    prettyinpink Aug 6 '14, 11:23PM
  • This test is fun . Do your research on each organization ladies. Don't let a test or others tell you what organization to belong to, figure it out for yourself. Speak with those ladies, go to events. It's a lifetime commitment so choose right!!!
    P.S--- Sigma Gamma Rho was my choice and I haven't looks back yet. Living my life like its Golden everyday

    Joy_jette Jun 15 '14, 7:59PM
  • lol...I hate that this is so stereotype based. But it was funny. I did get my actual sorority. No surprises there.

    SGNetwork Jun 10 '14, 11:42AM
  • The beat of my heart will ALWAYS cry Z Phi B! SP'92

    Fivepearlz Jun 10 '14, 11:15AM
  • Ha! Clearly this "chic" should work on the perceptions of her stereotypes and the choices that match it! I honestly hope no one takes this so seriously that they base their life choice on it.

    bogus Jun 10 '14, 9:42AM
  • The beat of my heart is crying Z-Phi-B.....and thats what was matched up with!!!!

    Mya Feb 13 '14, 5:10PM
  • I got Zeta Phi Beta . Lol that's funny because a lot of people tell me I'll make a great zeta but my heart wants to be a pretty poodle (Sigma Gamma Rho) :(

    Pretty22 Feb 12 '14, 1:02AM
  • DST IS THE ONE FOR ME!!!! The quiz said Delta Sigma Theta and I am a DELTA Woman! Just took quiz for fun. I just have to say, OOOO-OOOOOP :-)!

    ccdst Dec 19 '13, 11:20PM
  • I did this just for fun and the quiz pegged me right. I am TWENTY-TWO years a Delta!

    Spring91 Aug 25 '13, 1:07PM
  • Too funny...I am a Sigma Gamma Rho and I got Sigma Gamma Rho lol!!!!!

    tulipblue Aug 14 '13, 3:48PM
  • Two out of three times it said Delta... Hmm.. The other time it said ZphiB.. Thinking bout it..

    Pretty girl76 Jul 12 '13, 1:30AM
  • 78% Zeta Phi Beta;)
    67% Delta Sigma Theta
    67% Sigma Gamma Rho
    46& Alpha Kappa Alpha

    azie Jun 18 '13, 10:47PM
  • The lovely sorority... DELTA SIGMA THETA !!! Of course (: .

    GEMS16 Mar 16 '13, 12:27PM
  • The lovely sorority... DELTA SIGMA THETA !!! Of course (: .

    GEMS16 Mar 16 '13, 12:21PM
  • i took this test twice n got aka the 1st time n delta the second which is pretty much right or what people see me as...oh well when that time comes until then

    eae1993 Mar 13 '13, 7:43AM
  • Delta Sigma Theta!!!!!!! The one I was hoping for!!!! Happy Belated Centennial!!!!

    Asia T Jan 15 '13, 3:49PM
  • Zpb!! Nice quiz! Zpb sounds awesome! I want to join that sorrity ( cant really spell it..) keep up the great work!

    ocean Sep 27 '12, 10:03PM
  • Sorry about that... >.< I got Sigma Gamma Rho; the discription was quite accurate! Great quiz. :D

    Flight Sep 26 '12, 5:30PM
  • Sigma Gamma Rho

    Never heard of it... :o

    Kendall Sep 24 '12, 12:00AM

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