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  • fruit smoothie,.... i am a mix as if i was shooting a film i would have : pikachu and friends, sailor moon (which i don't watch sorry) fred flintstone, spider man, super man, wonder woman, smosh (remember? inert text here SHUT UP!)

    bugs bunny, daffy duck, the martian which i can't remember name, porky pig, sonic, pacman, mrs. pacman, baby pac men/women, inter planet janet, rocky, scooter computer and mr chips, and so on with school house rock. My friends, and finally i would have mario luigi princess peach daisy blue toad red toad and so on with mario.

  • I'm a fruit smoothie!!!!!!!!!!! !!! yay!!!!!!! that's what I thought I'd get.... that or lemonade , and that what a close second, though, on the question of which object I liked more , it was hard to choose between the sun and chocolate, they're both so good!

    I ended up choosing chocolate though, the sun make me hot easier

  • Diet Pepsi described pretty badly ...

  • I got fruit smoothie. It's kinda accurate. sweet quiz.


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