Which Ben Foster character are you?

Are you a fan of Ben Foster? There are many different characters that he plays... you could be suprised at which character you are, so find out which one you are!

which Ben Foster character are you? are you a crazy cowboy, an abnormal 'angel', or some other character? you could think you are one character but you can't know for sure untill you take this quiz. So find out here which one you are!

Created by: Ellen

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  1. You may forget to brush your teeth from time to time
  2. you would kill for the person you love most
  3. You feel a desperate need to hide your true self away from the world.
  4. You feel pushed by your parents into doing their will rather than your own
  5. you can ride a horse
  6. you hate posses
  7. You don�t answer people if you think their questions are stupid.
  8. You�re not really a healthy way of life follower and like to have a hamburger from time to time
  9. You prefer to be on your own to be a leader
  10. You might seem to be very calm outside but able to become out of control
  11. you would kill for the person you love most
  12. You feel 'abnormal'

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Quiz topic: Which Ben Foster character am I?