What's your Watercooler IQ?

The Watercooler is a What's New? Newsletter that's goal is to be a central point for agency-wide news. It should help standardize communication within Pacific Advisors and foster consistent, accurate information about events, policies, and, of course, clarify those inter-office rumors.

Have you read the Watercooler lately? If you have then this quiz should be a piece of cake. If you haven't then it will take a little research into the Watercooler archives to find the answers. First person to send Leanna their results will receive a prize.

Created by: cougars

  1. This week in the Watercooler, Duke Draeger's new role was announced. What is it?
  2. How much is Pacific Advisors raising for the March for Babies Walk?
  3. If you are a P.A.T recipient what three prizes do you win?
  4. Leanna Murphy thinks Michael Hagedorn looks like what 1990s TV star?
  5. Steve Rice went here for Thanksgiving.
  6. Broker applications are process in what office?
  7. Currently Pacific Advisors is ranked what in Brokerage Premiums?
  8. When submitting something for GEAR approval you should include your license number, if applicable.
  9. Pacific Advisors is closed for Flag Day.
  10. Who wrote the Lotus Trick or Treat Article?

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Quiz topic: What's my Watercooler IQ?