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  • Your Result: Ra's Al Ghul 79%

    You are natural born leader because of your drive and determination. Like Ra's Al Ghul, you are a force to be wreckin with and you always get what you want.

    68% Bane
    63% Talia Al Ghul
    55% The Scarecrow
    54% The Riddler
    52% The Joker
    52% Two-Face
    52% The Penguin
    50% Catwoman
    30% Poison Ivy

    The faded smoke
  • pretty good dude. I have no idea who my villain is, but idc, I'm just trying to get people who have made new quizzes started cause no one else is posting anything on my quizzes, but to everyone else (if you're a girl) check out going to Hogwarts with a twist (girls only) THX. KIT

  • Poison ivy, I am very determined to achieve my goals and dreams in my life as well as being close to nature and the outdoors alot too. Cool quiz mate.


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