Which Band Would You Like?

Are you looking for a new band to listen to? Do you want to know what band you should listen to? Well this is the quiz for you! Find out which band is best for you!

I am warning you that these are only rock bands, not One Direction or R5 or whatever. So sorry if you thought it was a quiz like that. But it isn't, rock bands only :)

Created by: Mackenzie
  1. If you were to go to a concert, which band would it be?
  2. Favorite genre of music?
  3. What do you like to wear?
  4. What kind of T.V shows do you like?
  5. Which band do you most enjoy?
  6. Which band do you most enjoy?
  7. Which band do you most enjoy?
  8. Do you enjoy Kurt Cobain's music?
  9. Do you like the pop bands today? (Ex: 5sos, 1D)
  10. Which singer?

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