Which Animal Are You Most Like??

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This May Not Be Exactly Accurate, But It's Pretty Close. Find One Of Your Closest Animals To You When You Take This Journeying Quiz. Have Loads Of Fun!

Well, Anyways. You Have 12 Simple Questions To Answer, And You Can Take Your Time. No Need For A Rush! So Maybe Give It A Small Try And Figure Out Your Animal!

Created by: Hannah Wilcox-borg

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Favorite Music Genre??? O.o
  2. What Type Of Group At School Do You Normally Hang Out With?
  3. Fav. Color?
  4. If You Could Choose Your Animal What Would You Choose? *Won't Affect Score
  5. Pick A Group Of Words That Describes You
  6. Pick A Quote That Describes You
  7. Choose A Name
  8. Weakness?
  9. What's Your Position Normally In A Group?
  10. Last Q: How Did I Do On This Quiz??

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Quiz topic: Which Animal am I Most Like??