Which American Dragon charcter are you?

Lots of people watch or used to watch the disney show American Dragon: Jake Long.I am one who still does.I made this for all of the AmDrag fans out there :)

If you where placed among the American Dragon cast who would YOU be?Would you be Jake?Or,would you be Spud?Want to find out who you are in American Dragon: Jake Long? Take this quiz and find out who you are.

Created by: TC

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you or have you ever skateboarded?
  2. Do you like dragons?
  3. How do I put this...do you do well in school?
  4. Have you ever watched an episode of American Dragon: Jake Long?
  5. Mainly ran out,fave animal type?
  6. What time of day do you like most?
  7. Are you a:
  8. Last Question.........how long do you like to watch TV?
  9. Lastest Question Do you like music?
  10. What do you consider your self? (will not effect)

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Quiz topic: Which American Dragon charcter am I?