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  • Your Result: Tobi/Madara

    In secret, you are the true mastermind behind the Akatsuki organization. There is always more to you than meets the eye, and you like it that way. You're truly an enigma that people can't decode. Behind your actions there is almost always a hidden motive; you will do something for someone to get something that you want, and so on. At times you are able to relax and enjoy yourself with close friends and when you're alone, but often you will keep people guessing with your darker side, and feel amused when doing so.

    lol hahaha this quiz was fun to take my little brother pretnds to b tobi wen me and my freinds roleplay lol im always deidara ......not very accurate but fun ☺

  • It's pain not pein. And to jot start any arguments i read the manga, and watch the show in both sub and dub. The sub reads pain. And in the the

    Manga it reads pain

  • madara desu!


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