Which Afton are YOU quiz ft. Mrs. Afton

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Hello there and welcome to this quiz. I will be assessing what Afton you are and if you are worthy. Also, who puts 350 letters in a MINI description?!

Maybe I exaggerated. I mean the quiz MAKES us do it. Anyway, enough. Why aren't you doing this quiz? I made it for enjoyment not English class for Pete's sake.

Created by: Unknown_Pumpkin
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Pick from these rooms, which would you go into?
  3. What's your favorite time to eat?
  4. Pick a house pet:
  5. If you get an Afton, you will die. Is this your wish?
  6. Which is your favorite Afton Character? This is totally your opinion and not part of the quiz. 9^9
  7. This is trivia. Has Mike had a house pet? Most specifically a dog 9-9
  8. My brother's question: Favorite Console I don't know! Xbox or PS4? (His exact words. He's so lame 9v9)
  9. Next Question is more opinion than fact. Is Ennard Funtime Scraps OR an unmade animatronic?
  10. Pink or Black?
  11. Guess. I don't know. I randomized the answers so much I don't even know.
  12. Is this your device?
  13. Bye Peeps!

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