Which 2ne1 member are you?

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Hi, this is @gzbish of ig! Welcome to my quiz! "Which 2ne1 are you?" -is just a fun game for blackjacks to celebrate their 6th year anniversary!Enjoy!~

Check this quiz to know which 2ne1 member are you! Just answer the questions honestly so the result will be perfectly shown. However it's just for fun so enjoy!

Created by: Jel of this site
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  1. What 2ne1 song describes you the most?
  2. What's your favorite color?
  3. What best describes your fashion style?
  4. What's your guy ideal type?
  5. How do you react when you win on something?
  6. Which season were you born?
  7. Which 2ne1 song below affects you the most?
  8. Which pick-up line are you?
  9. What is/are your talent/s?
  10. What are you in a group of friends?
  11. How do you react when someone teases you?
  12. How many languages can you speak well?
  13. What do you do when you have free time?
  14. How do you text or put captions?
  15. Describe your friend/s.
  16. What's your song for your hater?
  17. If you were an animal, what are you?
  18. What do most people describe you?

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Quiz topic: Which 2ne1 member am I?