Which 1D member are you most like?

This quiz is to test who in one direction they are most like!!!!!!!! I thought it was alright, i don't know about the readers!!!

Do you want to know who in 1D you are most like????????? Ya You Do!!!! Well in a minute you can!!!! Until now you could only just wonder, but now you can get the truth!!!

Created by: jordyn

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is Your fav. color
  2. what is you fav. food
  3. what would your friends describe you as?????
  4. which 1D member woiuld you want to date
  5. which 1D member would you want to be???
  6. what is your eye color
  7. what kind of hair do you like
  8. 2 more left!!! Ok, so do you love to eat or just eat regularly???
  9. #11!!!! 1 Left!!!! Do you love music, like music, or Hate music????
  10. Last one! :( Booooooooo!!! Ok, so this one does not count, but did you like it??? (me-please please answer yes. i know it was not very good but it was alright right :P) Sorry aboyut that. Thanks for doing the quiz, and pleas comment!!!

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Quiz topic: Which 1D member am I most like?