Which 1-A boy are you?

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Which 1-A boy are you most like? Here you will find out. There are 6 results that could possibly be yours. There is a series of personal questions to determine you result.

Not all answers are going to be accurate but I will make them as accurate as I can! Please tell me any problems! Look out for my other quizzes by Nerdynerd03!

Created by: Nerdynerd03

  1. What is your favorite color right now? Be honest!
  2. Do/did you get good grades in school? Be honest!
  3. What tactic would you use?
  4. What do you like to eat from these?
  5. Do you prefer the DekuSquad or the BakuSquad?
  6. Do you like the home room teacher Aizawa?
  7. What do you think of class 1-B?
  8. Are you scared of villains?
  9. Which quirk would you want?
  10. Do you like training?
  11. Who do you think is LEAST like you?

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Quiz topic: Which 1-A boy am I?