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  • What can we do to make people more aware of this problem?

    What do you think the Waverly Worms should focus on next year?

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    Sorry progect and gmAIL WASNT SENDING. Ignore it.

    tazia101 Apr 19 '11, 1:43PM

  • On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 1:31 PM, Zosha wrote:

    This is a movie that actually happened. It is called Button Blanket. It is about a tribe called the Heiltsuk. Can you say that? Heiltsuk. They make blankets with cool designs, then add buttons. This movie shows a tribe dancing and their button blankets.


    Have any of you done hulahooping? Well, in this video, people are dancing with hulahoops. It's really fun! The hoops are a sign for tribes being cooperative. So watch closely. Try and count all the hoops!


    Do you know what is an inukshuk is? (Pick hands if possible) No, it is a little man made out of stones. They were made by inuits in the Arctic to point the way home. In this movie, you will see a lot of inukshuks. You will also learn more about the people who made them. SO enjoy!


    This is a funny video, so feel free to laugh! It is based on an old legend called the stone Canoe. It is about a little boy called little Thunder. He will leave his home in a canoe to go across the country. It is a movie about him growing up.


    Magic is going on when a native doctor, called a medicine man, goes for a walk in the forest. He finds a secret pond, and finds out that there is a lot of healing plants and things that are all around him.

    TOday, you'll be seeing a movie called THE STORY OF STRAW. STRAW stands for Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed. It is about a class of kids. Just like you! Their school is by a river. And the river is becoming polluted. This movie is about them attempting to stop the flow of pollutants into the river. Will they be able to succeed?!


    What is this film trying to say?

    What could you do about the _______________(Pro blem the film outlines)

    What did you like about the film?

    What did you NOT like about this film?Why?

    Who should see this film?

    What can we do to make people more a

    tazia101 Apr 19 '11, 1:41PM
  • first i got next door did it ova and got library this is sooo true i acully like my BFF (a guy) and still finding if he likes me back. and totally the library! i met someone there yesterday and..umm....nice quiz..yup...quiz... like!

    pkiera75 Apr 12 '11, 5:45PM
  • I got the streets. -.- What is he a hobo?

    Ibehkarina21 Mar 16 '11, 3:44PM
  • Thanks for all the supportive comments, I love looking at them!

    DragonKitty Feb 28 '11, 12:11PM
  • i find alot of cute....sexy boys on the street. most of 'em asked me out,but rejection, rejection. LOL :)

    2cool4life Feb 20 '11, 5:01PM
  • Detention. Yup I do like bad boys haha

    Nicole22 Feb 20 '11, 2:29PM
  • On the street! All the the guys ive met on the street suck. Gud quiz tho

    Sims addict Feb 19 '11, 10:27AM
  • The Library...actually that's possible yesterday I was there and er yea lol 10/10!

    sex_me Feb 17 '11, 12:27PM
  • Haha, next door. The description is true. Because my guy has to be my best friend before he gets to be my boyfriend; it always happens that way. ^^

    Skydragon Feb 17 '11, 5:55AM
  • In the library :P

    This was actually a really good quiz. 10/10 well deserved!

    tomboykaitie Feb 16 '11, 6:05PM
  • Hey, @ BuffyAVampKitty and everyone else, could you refrain from using this comment spot as a chain mail sender? They are useless, long, and nobody wants to see them. Thanks!

    DragonKitty Feb 16 '11, 3:12PM
  • on the street...lol

    kneekiki02 Feb 16 '11, 12:05PM
  • Cool! I

    Amberpelt Feb 14 '11, 4:43PM
  • this is an awesome quiz...

    tazia101 Feb 10 '11, 9:10AM
  • Next Door

    You are in love with the cute, average guy. You've known him since you were a kid, and you're ready to take a step further then friendship. You like familiarity and order in a relationship, and this guy is perfect for you. He knows you better than you do yourself, and he'll never let you down. He's a true blue, and a real treasure.

    i wanna know when.....

    iluvdolphins Feb 6 '11, 8:09PM
  • On the street nice am always outside

    vampire16 Feb 6 '11, 7:05PM
  • Yes, thanks for commenting guys!

    DragonKitty Feb 6 '11, 5:21PM

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