Where Will You Be In the 70`s

The seventies we`re strange..really strange... disco, metal, rock, punk and much more was going on. Like War, protest, concerts and WOODSTOCK !!!!!

We`re Will YOU be in the seventies? At a Metal Concert, Punk Concert, Rock or maybe you don`t belong in the 70`s. SO don`t be shy...take this quiz and you will found out...

Created by: Faberzjee
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Sort of Music Do You Like
  2. What Type Of Clothes do you like ?
  3. which sentence fits perfectly with you
  4. Which band do you like ?
  5. What is your favourite food
  6. how do you think about war?
  7. Which Ideology Do you prefer
  8. So far...do you like this quiz ?
  9. What type of car do you like ?
  10. And finally... which place do you like ?

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Quiz topic: Where will I Be In the 70`s