Where Do You Stand on Healthcare?

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Healthcare dominates the headlines. Pundits gloat over single payer, repeal and replace, bipartisan repair, and blowing up the whole insurance system. People are often misinformed about the meaning of these terms.

What sort of healthcare system would you like? Instead of studying all proposals, debates, ideas and bills, just take our simple but detailed quiz to find out!

Created by: genebeed of The Grumpy Old Doc
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  1. My current health insurance (pick one):
  2. My Doctor seems...
  3. "I would rather face higher out of pocket expenses when I use healthcare, than have a higher monthly premium."
  4. "I think allowing people to form associations to buy health insurance is a good way to make to make it more available."
  5. "Younger, healthier people should have lower premiums to make insurance more affordable and attractive to them."
  6. "Health Insurance should be sold across state lines."
  7. "Some form of health care rationing is inevitable."
  8. "I should not have to pay for benefits I do not use."
  9. "Penalties for not buying insurance should be increased."
  10. "Catastrophic insurance should be widely available to all age groups."
  11. "Healthcare is a right."
  12. "One should be able to buy better healthcare, if one is willing to pay."
  13. "Old people should pay higher premiums."
  14. "Benefits like drug rehab and birth control ought to be optional."
  15. "People who are already sick should pay more for insurance."
  16. "Medicaid benefits are too generous."
  17. "Utilization controls like prior authorizations and formularies are necessary."
  18. "People go to the Emergency Room needlessly."
  19. "The poor should get the same care as everyone."
  20. "The Government screws things up."
  21. "For-profit ventures have no place in health care."
  22. "Employers should not get a tax break for premiums."
  23. "I should decide what treatment I get, along with my doctor, not an insurance company or a government bureaucrat."
  24. "Drug prices should be fixed by the government."
  25. "Much of the health care people seek is unnecessary."
  26. "Getting an appointment with my doctor should be easy."
  27. "People under the age of 25 should be able to stay on their parents' insurance."
  28. "I want to be able to choose my own doctors."
  29. "If I choose to have no insurance...."
  30. "There should be a work requirement for Medicaid."
  31. "We need to experiment with different payment models to encourage quality."
  32. "Cost effectiveness of care should be a consideration."

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Quiz topic: Where do I Stand on Healthcare?