how close are you to loseing your marbles?

has your friend ever told you that you lost your marbles.Have you ever wondered if he was right?find out in this amazing quiz it has everything and we mean everything.

you can figure out if your friend was right or wrong in this quiz if you've truely lost your marbles and if you did get crazy you have absoloutly no right to sue us gloaty gloat gloat gloat HA!!!!!!!!

Created by: Alexander/Aidan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what would you rather do?
  2. if you were a professiononal boxer what would you use as boxing gloves?
  3. if you lived in a forest what would you eat?
  4. what is your favorite animal?
  5. what is your favorite colour?
  6. how would you eat a pie?
  7. if you ran through the town what would you wear?
  8. do you think cheese is delicios?
  9. what would you tell a random person that just walked by you?
  10. how would you insult someone?

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Quiz topic: How close am I to loseing my marbles?