Figuring out if you are a Republican or a Democrat sometimes means having basic opinions on the role of government and other pressing social issues. This quiz is designed to give you a quick idea "where you stand."

You might say you're not interested in politics (a lot of people do say that) but really, what is politics but the organized expression of your basic beliefs- and everybody has those, right? So it's time to get to "know thyself!"

Created by: William

  1. The government should help people in need regardless of the reason.
  2. The best way for any country to deal with other countries is to have a very strong military so nobody messes with you.
  3. I think a family is a man, a woman and kids. No other combination is really a family so same sex couples should not be allowed to marry.
  4. I think people who commit certain terrible crimes like murder should themselves face the death penalty.
  5. I think immigrants should be allowed to stay and work in America even if they came here illegally. After, we're all immigrants if you go back far enough.
  6. I think there should be special rules for admissions to universities that help some people from disadvantaged backgrounds get in even if their grades aren't as good as some others.
  7. I think religion is really important and should be part of peoples' lives.
  8. I think government should stay out of peoples' lives as much as possible. I mean, they obviously have to do some things but should only do what's absolutely necessary.
  9. I think no one should be allowed to carry a firearm (gun) except police or the military.
  10. I see nothing wrong with someone getting rich. After all, they earned it, right?

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Quiz topic: WHERE do I STAND?