Where are you on the political spectrum?

There are many disagreeing in the political field and many different ideas, some will say one things, others will say the exact opposite, there is no right and wrong.

Where are you on the political spectrum? Are you a nationalist, or cosmopolitan, conservative and progressive, militarist or pacifist? Come and find out!

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  1. A country needs to be a frame of the nation, with the least minorities possible, and to avoid foreign cultures that might damage the nation's traditional culture.
  2. Without roots, the nation will not have a future.
  3. A free market is an important aspect for a country to exist.
  4. The people are more important than the enviorment.
  5. The religion is culturally and morally important.
  6. If there is a foreign threat, the best way to deal with it is to use military force.
  7. In order to protect the nation, and it's traditions, the government should be powerful and effect many aspects of life.
  8. My nation is superior to other nations.
  9. The government has to make sure the country is living by the traditional values and culture.
  10. The government has to stop the welfare programs.

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Quiz topic: Where am I on the political spectrum?