When Will You Get Your First Period

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There are many people out there, and many haven't had their periods yet. If your one of those people who are scared or wondering when you will get yours don't stress over it anymore.

Are you close to having your period? Do you have worries about getting it soon or unprepared? Thanks to this quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out when you will get your period!

Created by: ally101

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  1. Do you have discharge? (yellow/white sticky stuff in undies)
  2. Do you have hair on your legs/armpits?
  3. Do you have pubic hairs...down there....
  4. Have you had cramps in your legs, back, or lower part of your stomach?
  5. Are you moody lately?
  6. Are you active?
  7. How old was your mom when she had hers?
  8. Have you found brown spots in your undies?
  9. When do you think you will have it?
  10. Has your sister had hers? If so how old was she?

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Quiz topic: When will I Get my First Period