When Will It Work? Part 5

This is part 5 of my series. Please comment and rate. Recap: Jesse's brother tells you not to move, but you move then lights flash and the room is filled with people and someone says "_____ I didn't want to have to do this." Also Joey, Austin, and Danni are looking for you.

I was up kinda late last night trying to finish this by today, so I hope you like it. Oh and you got kidnapped around 7:30ish and now it's like 2:30.

Created by: Kat
  1. Before the guy can do anything to you, you go into hysterics. You scream, "I never asked for this! I was going on a camping trip then I'm kidnapped! I get kissed by a jerk, then knocked out by the same jerk! I'm starting to think with all I've heard and felt that there's a different reason I'm here then to "save" me. I want someone to explain to me what's going on. Now!"
  2. Jesse and a girl walks up to you. The girl has straight long brown hair, she looked about 15, and she was tall. The girl says "Hey, _____, I'm Kiera. You wanna know what's going on? Well I'll tell you." Jesse interupts her saying "But first we should tell you that you have a bug on you, so we can hear and see everything you do." You don't like knowing that he knows what you do and say, but he continued "I should also tell you that now that you're here you're not gonna get out." He paused as if excepting you to say something but you weren't going to say anything.
  3. Kiera got tired of waiting for you to answer so she said "Jesse and I haven't broken up." You had a shocked look on your face and said "You said that you broke u...." She interrupted you and said "Do you want to know what's going on or not?" You looked away kind of biting your lip. She said "Thought so. As I was saying, Jesse and I are still together. I'm getting revenge."
  4. You said "Revenge? Why do you need revenge? What did I do that you need revenge?" Jesse said "My cutie said that a few years back you took her guy." You start remembering what happen. You're 15 now and when you were 13 you remember something happening.
  5. *flashback* You heard someone call your name. Oh my word, you thought, it's the hottest guy in school, but wait why's he want me? Only the popular kids like Kiera, his girlfriend, and people like that hang out with him. You walk over and say "Yes?" Nathan says "Tell Kiera here that she driving me crazy!" I told Kiera that she's driving him crazy. The look on her face said "You'll pay!" I hung low for a little waiting for her to make a move but she never did.
  6. *now* Now she was getting her revenge. Kiera said "You remember?" You nod your head yes and Kiera says "Good." She stopped then said "We have someone for you" For a second you panic because you're worried that
  7. Kiera interrupts your thoughts by saying "We also got Nathan." She talks to someone else in the room "Bring him in!" Someone carries him in and places him next to you. You feel bad for him because it looks like he tried to put up a fight, but lost badly. He was still unconscious. Jesse starts to tie him to the wall you say "STOP!....." Before you can continue you feel a hand smack your face and say "Don't you stop what he's trying to do!" You were really weak so you didn't defend what you said.
  8. Jesse said "Do you know what's going on now?" You take a deep breath and say "I made a mistake in 7th grade and I thought Kiera gave up on revenge. Now in 9th grade I'm realizing that she means what she says. She came up with a lie that you "save" me from her when in reality you were taking me to her. Now I'm going to pay for what I did." Kiera said "You got it jerk." Jesse talking to Kiera said "Come on cutie let's leave these 2 together and we go get something to eat."
  9. You want to just scream at Jesse for adding that last part, but you feel like you're about to pass out so you don't. You slouch against the wall. At first you just sit there, but then everything that happened to you weighs down on you and you start crying. You don't care who sees who hears you, you just need to get the stress out.
  10. After about 5 minutes you hear someone say sleepily "Really ____? Really? Please shut up." You freeze not knowing what's gonna happen.
  11. And I'm stopping.

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