When is the right age for you to get married?

A lot of people are curious about when they get married. Some are pretty sure they want to get married soon, while others want to wait. Find out what is the right age for you to get married by taking this quiz! And remember, it's just a quiz, so don't actually follow the results if you don't want to.

Disclaimer: If some of you who are taking this quiz are over the age limits in the results, then I'm sorry. This quiz is sort of only targeted to a younger audience, and it's just for fun, so don't get too annoyed at your result okay? Also, I know that not everyone wants to get married or has to get married. Its just for the people who want some fun in knowing their results.

Created by: lollipop

  1. Would you consider yourself as a social person?
  2. Are you interested in having kids?
  3. How many kids would you want?
  4. Have you ever been love, or are you in love at the moment
  5. Are you in a serious relationship at the moment? (doesn't matter if you're in love or not)
  6. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
  7. Have you ever seriously thought about marriage?
  8. If the person you love asked you to get married tomorrow, what would you do/say?
  9. What are you most worried about for your future?
  10. Have previous relationships affected your view on marriage? (Like boyfriend/girlfriend; parents divorcing; seeing a friend/family member getting married; etc)

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