How much do you know about Married With Children?

How well do you remember the classic comedy show Married With Children? No matter what actor was your favorite there are questions about all but some may have you stumped.

Take this Married With Children quiz and see what you remember. Who knows you may just surprise yourself on what you do know. Hope you have a good memory.

Created by: Heather
  1. What did Peggy name the cartoon she wrote about Al?
  2. What did Peggy name her sex toy?
  3. What show did Peggy watch more than others?
  4. What was Peggy's favorite food?
  5. What is Al's favorite food?
  6. How much did Al's ex- girlfriend offer to pay Peggy to sleep with him?
  7. What was Al's favorite magazine?
  8. Why did Al get upset when Bud dumped his boss Gary?
  9. Why did Bud's cousin not beat him up when he slept with his wife on their wedding day?
  10. Where did Bud get caught jacking off at in school?
  11. Why did Bud break up with Al's boss Gary?
  12. When he went over to Ester's house for the virgin hot line job who did he sleep with?
  13. Why was Kelly's science lab project Blean made?
  14. What happened when Kelly's family took her out to the movies for her birthday?
  15. What did Kelly do for a living?
  16. When Marcy's ex-husband comes back uninvited with a rare egg how does Kelly get the Bundy's thrown in jail?
  17. What did the Bundy family ALWAYS forget to do for Buck?
  18. In the episode when Buck dies how does a dog whisperer give Kelly closure?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Married With Children?