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  • My favorites are definitely Sky and Darren. They're both quiet and mysterious. I love that about a guy. God I wish stuff like this could actually happen to me!!!! Anyway, I'll probably decide between Sky and Darren once I get further in the story. (I'm really going for Sky, but Darren is definitely a close second!!!!!!!!)

  • I can't decide between Forest and Ashley. The weird thing is that I know a kid named Jonah but I think he spells his name differently. But he's really annoying! That's why I will not be falling for him! I like the character! I realy do it's just *shudders* let's just say annoying kid and leave it at that. Can't wait for part 2!

  • ... My name is Sophia! Fine, it's with F instead of PH, but still! But I didn't like Troy so much... I've fallen in love with Sky and Jonah(not in real life, of course)! Make the next part soon :D

    I can't decide between Sky and Jonah, but I think I'll end up choosing Sky ;)

  • I got Ash (can I call him Ash? :3), but I meant to get Jonah. To me, the order goes: Jonah, Darren, Ash, and then all the others equally. Really good idea to mix the stories up too! Well done Jess, but the teacher was kind of scary.. :]

    Loony Luna
  • I don't know if I love Forest or Cody!!!! AHHHH! This is amazing, I haven't seen any other quiz like it! Can't wait for part 2!

  • I think I like Jonah

    Queen alastiar
  • I got Darren. Ooh I got goosebumps. CONTINUE PLEASE! :D

  • First of all,this is awesome!But in war of my heart i had trouble finding out who i liked.But now.....FORREST,ASH LEY,OR DARREN!GrRrRrRrRr!i love it btw

  • I can't decide between forest and cody!! Make part 2?

  • Make Part 2?!

    and plz plz finish the other series!!!!!! they'r ALL really REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Br0k3n PROM1S3S
  • part 2

  • :D part 2!

  • darren i got him he sounds hot an my type

    emo kupkake

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