whats your quirk?(bnha)

this quiz does is figure out your quirki wonder if levi is 30-40 somthing then hw old is gon?? arent they almost the same height??im so cofused???????

send a comment if you want more ok?lol if you want then find more of my quizes your on your own this is my first time btw!!!!hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Created by: watashiwa shendesu

  1. which ship do you like?
  2. whos your fav?
  3. which element do you like?
  4. if your in mha who would you be?
  5. fav anime?
  6. are you ready?
  7. Just kidding i have 3 more questions!!
  8. fav disney?
  9. eh just pick!!
  10. ready??

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Quiz topic: Whats my quirk?(bnha)