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  • Unique?.. However I don't feel unique as it says, on the other hand very accurate quiz.

    Ryouga Jul 27 '16, 8:10AM
  • I Got Unique. (: Pretty Accurate, I'd Say (Not Being Cocky).. Great Quiz!

    WolfAtHeart Nov 30 '11, 8:14PM
    I got fun lover! its true!

    STM4EVER Apr 16 '11, 9:37AM
  • One of the best quizes i took on this site :D

    Fearless1111 Sep 26 '10, 6:11PM
  • yay,personality!!!! ! great quiz,really :)

    machen1991 Aug 20 '10, 12:16PM

    x_brii_x Mar 8 '10, 9:03PM
  • cool quiz i got unique !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LAx Aug 26 '09, 3:37AM
  • Good quiz. :) I got loving.

    Cheaz X Balle Aug 16 '09, 10:21AM

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