whats your horse type

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Hello this the What Horse Type Are you quiz we have some good questions and even some true answers just test it out for yourself i was a Friesian what are you ?

You could be anything the Arabian Horse to the Friesian. there are not any questions which you have to give out any sort of personal detail. Enjoy the quiz

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  1. what would you do if the jonas brothers were about to jump of a skyscaper
  2. what gender would you like to be
  3. whats your favourite subject
  4. what do you have for breakfast
  5. whats your name
  6. whats your favourite colour
  7. whats your boyfriend/girlfriends name
  8. which popstar do you hate the most
  9. if you were a animal what would you be
  10. whats your favourite horse breed
  11. whats your favourite pony breed

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Quiz topic: Whats my horse type