Whats best about your personality?

All people have different personality's, whats best about your personality? Are you fun to be around? Do you dance in the streets, or are you calm and relaxed?

Now you can find out what people like about your personality. Do they like that your nice or happy? Do they enjoy being around you? And most importantly, whats best about your personality!

Created by: brie

  1. You are listening to the radio and your favorite some comes on. You...
  2. Your car gets a scratch. You...
  3. do you usually act crazy(not just when your friends are around)
  4. a guy comes up to you in the store and asks for help changing settings on his new phone. Do you help?
  5. a friend dares you to hug a random person.do you do it?
  6. tik tok...
  7. Your favorite singer is??
  8. Your dream is...
  9. are you bored now?
  10. are you excited to see what you got?

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Quiz topic: Whats best about my personality?