Do you have sociopath personality disorder?

Think your a "freak of nature"? It's not as crazy as it sounds. I am so why couldn't you be? 1/25 people supposedly *struggles* with sociopathic personality disorder. Much fewer were born a predator ;)

Even if your sure you not a sociopath feel free to take the quiz. I know we are a hot topic in today's social realm and sociopathy isn't very well known in the civilian world. No we don't eat people, kill puppies, and plot to kill people. There are these things called laws that prevent that kinda thing. Sadly;) jk

Created by: SociopathME

  1. If there were NOT consequences for your actions would you "dispatch" people you don't like?
  2. If a woman approached you in slight panic saying she was missing her sons wedding and wanted to know the location of the church it was being held at and you know the area would you tell her to go to the wrong place?
  3. If someone on your basket ball team was caused of stealing something and you know 100000% that they didn't do it... Would you tell the coach they didn't do it and defend them or enjoy watching hell unfold on that individual.
  4. Do you manipulated everyone in some way to get what you want even if your doing it unconsciously?
  5. Do you choose to not display emotions on front of others?
  6. Do you find normal teenage activities extremely boring and live for excitement and adrenaline packing activities even if they are illegal or "wrong"
  7. Do you see remorse, compassion, empathy as weaknesses and your self superior in mental stamina to normal (idiotic) people?
  8. What is the ideal job for you in a world without consequences?
  9. Have you ever been in a real loving relationship?
  10. (Don't select an answer or it will throw off the scale) not all sociopaths are serial killers. In fact.. Most aren't. Sociopathy is categorized as Anti Social Personality Disorder. We aren't antisocial so be careful where you read you facts. If you met me, you would probably have no idea that I am what I am. Am I an evil monster on a day to day basics? No I'm not. I come off as shy if you don't know me and at other times I'm extremely charismatic and outgoing. I get along with almost everyone and I'm a damn good actor;) I forget that I'm manipulating people or that I'm a sociopath at all until something triggers me to remember. In your average teen on the outside. And I come off as your average teen on the inside. But I'm not..... -T7-

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Quiz topic: Do I have sociopath personality disorder?