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Well, this is a short, sweet, trivia quiz. It was not made to offend anyone. If you find your answers offensive in any way, I'll change them. ❤---👧🏽

Also, all of the questions are important to your score. Including the first one, as is noted. If you answer, well, I won't spoil it, but react well. ❤❤---👧🏽

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. Okay, this is about the book series Whatever After by Sarah Mlynowski. (Your reaction has an effect on your score.)
  2. The two main characters' names are what?
  3. Their dog?
  4. The main (girl) character's best friends names are:
  5. Okay. This will be confusing, but I'm trying to not give out answers here. One of main girl character's best friends has another best friend. One that Main girl character doesn't like. What's her name?
  6. The main boy character's best friend is named what?
  7. Main girl character often mentions her ______ giving her the ______
  8. The first book is called what?
  9. Whatever After: ______ and Whatever After: ________ were published the same year. What books and what year?
  10. Do main girl character and main boy character ever get caught?
  11. What object do they use to go into, ahem, where they go?
  12. Where DO they go? (For all the books except the Special Edition, because that's different.)

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