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  • I was matched up as Dark Magician, this is actually my ace card in my "Ultimate Powers" deck, which also includes all of Exodia's parts and a crap ton of mirror forces and of course the one and only almighty Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon, I also have a bunch of cards that let me revive cards from the graveyard, along with 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons and a Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and my secret weapon Grandsoil, The Elemental Lord and 2 Elementsaber Ainas (this allows me to bring back any Elemental or Elementsaber card except Elementsaber Aina from the GY by tributing Elementsaber Aina). I also run a Yu-Gi-Oh team called "Team Draconics", an expert level team that specializes in dueling and trading.

  • cool, I'm the dark magician. My favorite Monster is Theinen though...

    • Damn I'm Cyber End Dragon


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