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  • What is this? this is stupid. I bet this person doesnt even play with synergy.

    acompleteidiot Oct 30 '15, 6:25PM
  • Got dragon
    Pretty nice since I play a dragon deck :)
    Top 3 would be
    Warrior and spell castors :p

    Jinju21 Sep 6 '14, 7:20AM
  • spell caster!?! i have a strategy deck!

    pheonix_pharaoh Aug 20 '14, 10:35AM
  • eh, I could see myself using spell casters to win, I already have some in my variety deck

    djt08031996 Aug 10 '14, 5:13PM
  • You know absolutely nothing about this game/

    gokussj9000 Sep 7 '13, 5:58PM

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