What yandere simulator rival you are (girls)

There are many rivals in yandere simulator. What is yandere simulator? Well yandere simulator is a game **not yet complete**.It is a game with ten rivals.All of witch can make up a personality. All credit of yandere simulator goes to yandere dev.

Have you ever chaught yourself wondering What yandere simulator rival am I? Well people your answers will hopefully be solved in this quiz.This is a 13 question quis I will state agian yandere simulator is owned by yandre dev.

Created by: FlowerClan
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Favorite colour
  2. Are you into paranormal stuff ( sorry could not think for antother question)
  3. Role play time! You just saw a murder what do you do
  4. You hear a knock at your door you open it it is Ayano with a knife what do you do
  5. You were following Ayano when she pulls out a trank (i forget how to spell it) she kidknaps you and takes you back to school when she tells you to kill _____
  6. No more role play what is your favorite thing to do in the morning
  7. Its the weekend what do you do
  8. Do you like anyone
  9. Favorite song artist
  10. Like the quiz? I have a boys addition coming soon (no affect on who ya get)
  11. Are you a good person

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