Little Miss Yandere (Guys only)

She is Little Miss Yandere. A girl with innocent and cute face and a shy personality which is hard to believe that she is a yandere..but they said "Don't judge a book by its cover"

What would she think about you? Would our little yandere friend will took a liking to you? Or had a small crush? Or even go yandere over you? Its all up to you and your answers (No hate please. This is just for fun and I'm sorry if you do not like your result)

Created by: Crimson Red
  1. Scene #1: You were running late to your class/work when suddenly, you accidentaly bumped into a girl and she stumbled and fell to the ground, you felt guilty and really sorry 'cause its your fault in the first place.. you offered her a hand and how would you react towards the girl?
  2. Scene #2: You were walking in the park when a girl suddenly ran towards you. You curiously look at her and notice how cute she looked. Well maybe she's not gorgeous but pass average, She has a really innocent face..she pants slightly and held something infront of was your wallet. "S-Sir, you drop your w-wallet." She timidly said.
  3. How do you act around other girls?
  4. If you have a girlfriend and she doesn't want you to interact with other girls other than her and your relatives, would you mind?
  5. Scene #3: You found out that she had disorders, wha would you do?
  6. Can you guess what she look like? (Doesn't affect the quiz)
  7. What is your positive trait?
  8. Whom are you in the following?
  9. Too..
  10. Goodbye

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