Are you addicted to Yandere Simulator?

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Yandere Simulator is a game still in development made by a guy that everyone calls YandereDev. I only own the quiz. There are many people out there that know it as the "NOTICE ME SENPAI" meme or something else. Are YOU one of them?

Have you ever wondered how addicted are you to Yandere Simulator? Well, this is your change to prove yourself! How much do you know about this game? Who's the main character? What's the purpose? And some other few questions I made sure to put in this funny quiz made by me! Hope you like your result and good luck!

Created by: arychases
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  1. How often do you play Yandere Simulator?
  2. What is Yandere-chan's real name?
  3. What is the purpose of the game?
  4. Who is Kokona Haruka?
  5. What is your Senpai's real name?
  6. What does Yandere mean?
  7. Who is Midori Gurin?
  8. Do you know the myth about the cherry tree behind the school?
  9. What is the Storage Room on the first floor for?
  10. Complete the phrase: Senpai will be mine. He doesn't...?
  11. How many rivals do you have to eliminate?

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Quiz topic: Am I addicted to Yandere Simulator?