Which yandere simulator rival are you?

This quiz is to see which yandere simulator rival you are, i hope you enjoy it, it took me a while to make because i was grabbing pictures and doing a bunch of quizzes to get ideas for the questions and answers.

I enjoyed making this so i hope you do too. I wrote some of the descriptions for the rivals but then i lost ideas on what to write so i copy pasted some of the info from the wiki fandoms

Created by: SakuraLilli
  1. Which of these is you?
  2. How popular are you?
  3. Do you like senpai
  4. What club would you be in
  5. How would you react to murder?
  6. Would you murder
  7. Would you ever be friends with Ayano?
  8. Do you like senpai?
  9. Whats your hobby?
  10. Do you like yandere simulator?

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Quiz topic: Which yandere simulator rival am I?