what ya miraculous???

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miraculous ladybug, yup, that's right, the previous quiz I was expecting was the "what is your miraculous???" quiz, because this quiz is the continuation of my "what is your miraculous???" quiz, you better see that, or maybe not, and, please read the rules below.

rule 1: be truthful. rule 2: always read informative paragraphs. rule 3: rate quizzes at all times. rule 4: comment if you see mistakes. rule 5: comment your results at all times. rule 6: always like a quiz if you like it. rule 7: always read the last paragraph.

Created by: ricelthericegirl

  1. read informative paragraphs pls
  2. complete the sentence, you have the power______________
  3. your miraculous is a what?
  4. whats your kwami's name?
  5. choose a color
  6. land or water?
  7. choose an animal
  8. ok, what group of color
  9. choose a number
  10. bye

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