What Xamuusga Type R U?

This quiz will calculate what Xamuusga type you are. There are 8 types in total. The discription of a type will be given at the end of the test. The test will 10 questions long, and 2 questions about gender and age.

The test will ask you questions about what you would do in certain situations, your hobby's, and more. Every answer will add a different score towards the 8 possible types, then one with the highest score will be your type.

Created by: murph12 of Xamuusga Clan Forum
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  1. What do you like?
  2. Situation: You have cookies. But 3 other people around want them too. If you choose not to share, there will be 80% chance they grab you and punch you. If you share, they will like you for it, but you loose 75% of your cookies. Question: What will you
  3. Do you like dreaming?
  4. What do you want to do first if you had a girlfriend / boyfriend?
  5. If 20 hooligans surrounded you, what would you do?
  6. Do you fear traveling by plane?
  7. Situation: A cop asks you for your drivers license. But you don't have one, you're joyriding. Question: What do you do next?
  8. Your friend's parents were killed in a car accident. What do you say to him?
  9. Do you hate violence?
  10. Situation: You hit a kid (about 12-14 years old), while you were riding your bike. An angry mother comes out screaming like hell at you. What she doesn't know is that the child jumped in front of your bike and you were unable to stop in time. You fell to

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