What wrongs have you done im your past life?

ahh! i am doomes! 150 chars... so diff! ahh ahh ahh ahh! No repeatition -_- Have fun! So, dun look down!Aw... you did and so... do... not... do this quiz! 150 chars come plz?

Ok! erm... want to know wad u did in ur past life? Do this... but may be totally fake-O! ah ha ha ha! Muah ha ha ha. I very lame hor? I noe and thats ok for me cause here's 150 chars!

Created by: Gypsy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What type of a person are you?
  2. Blink your eyes as fast as possible 30 times. Did you do it?
  3. Which word do you prefer?
  4. I hate Daniel Tan Jia Wei
  5. I have:
  6. I am:
  7. Choose:
  8. Finnaly! The end!
  9. Opps! Last one for sure. Laugh. Did you do it?

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Quiz topic: What wrongs have you done im my past life?