What would Your Job be in the Glade.

If your like me, I'm sure you've always wondered what job YOU would have if you lived in the Glade. All Gladers have an important job. To quote Zart, "There are ten known jobs in the Glade, but possibly several more." Unfortunately, I only have 6 of the jobs.

I love the book The Maze Runner, and have often wondered what my job would be if I lived in the Glade. Each of the Gladers have a job which they work at almost all day, their only normal break being for lunch. Each type of job has a Keeper who has his own seat at the council. There are ten known jobs in the Glade, but possibly several more

Created by: Brielle
  1. What job would you want to have?
  2. Which weapon would you choose?
  3. Which leader do you like the best?
  4. This is my first quiz, so I'm just wondering if everyone liked it...
  5. Which of these characters do you like best?
  6. Should I make another quiz? (Sorry for all these questions, I just want to know people's feedback.)
  7. Have you read The Maze Runner? (If not you totally should! I know you might think it sounds nerdy, but my cousins hates books and she loved it.)
  8. Sorry for all of these questions, you need 12 of them...
  9. Do you like running?
  10. Do you like gardening?
  11. Do you like animals?
  12. Do you like to help people?

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Quiz topic: What would my Job be in the Glade.