What would you look like in anime form GIRLS ONLY sorry

what do you look like in anime and we have picture yay yay yay you are sooo happy sorry i sound wierd sorry just excited but secersously take my test thank you

what do you look like in anime and you have a persounlatie sorry for the spellikng not my best subject anyway their is no right or wrong anwser in this quizz

Created by: Horses_LJK

  1. What is your favorit color
  2. What do you do at recess??
  3. What is your favorit aniaml??
  4. Do you wear glasses
  5. RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. If you had one day to do what ever you want what would you do
  7. what kind of movie do you watch
  8. are you getting board?????????
  9. let fait decided
  10. What do you like best
  11. last question are you happy

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