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  • Im 12 and female.. I remember first time doing this quiz my result was he falls for me but now its he stalks me

    Stalks me: 90%
    Falls for me: 89%
    Kills me: 38

    And kills me used to be 20% when I first took this quiz.. The only thing I changed this time, was that I run away with the guy and save him from Hisoka. I like Hisoka, but I just can't help but feel sad that he only uses people for his own pleasure in combat, like a toy. You use it, then once it gets old, you throw it away like its just a piece of trash to you.. Like Hisoka says, "It takes a mere second for treasure, to turn to trash~" I honestly feel that Hisoka does not have empathy or sympothy for the figures that he looks up to as his peers in combat.. Even Gon. You heard how he said he wished to kill Gon, once he was more "ripe". And another thing about Hisoka, is that he is a excellent lier. And he uses that advantage to manipulate people sometimes. If not, I'm sure he has in the past.. Anyways, thanks for looking at thia comment if you did.. I know I'm very extra and add a lot of unnecessary paragraphs, but a lot of people like Hisoka romantically. And I understand because hes a hot guy, who can't fall for him? It's only ok because its fictional and Hisoka is not real, but just don't fall for the bad boys in real life. Bye.. :3

  • Your Result: Stalks you! 90%

    You have great potential, and have what he needs! Your exactly what he wanted for his plans, he's quite interested in you. He makes sure to keep an eye on you for days to come, waiting till your time has come.

    89% Falls for you!
    38% Kill you!

  • Huh.

  • How wired

    Killua yuki
  • I just checked my window bc i'm 13 to see if he is stalking me but it said FALLS FOR MEE!!

  • Honestly I LOVE this quiz.

    • i only disliked cause you ship shoto and deku like bish why!?!?

  • I first got 91% fall for you and 91% stalk you whattttt?!

  • is it ok for Hisoka to fall for you


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