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  • Hmm... I would apparently leave the group. I am kind of a loner, and I can actually see that happening. If I'm not the protagonist, I'd be a rarely-appearing but relatively important character who is fighting for the same things as the hero, but either in a different way or simply not alongside them.

    Very nice quiz by the way.

  • I got Hero! Hazzar! Really good quiz, I have only just discovered this sort of quiz and I think it's really cool. A lot better than your average "I'm an angle/vampire" story quiz! Good work!

  • not too bad, I got i would become a hero in the end which is good. I knew I always had it in me. The one thing I'd like to point out is the friend question, you were not being fair because I have good friends who think I'm cool and friendly. Other than that it's an okay quiz.

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • hero... lol... thank u

    go die in a pit. stop insulting other ppl'z quizzes, h'm?

    Anata wa, zentai no sekai zentai no saiaku no uso-tsukidearu s---e irunode, BA-KA

  • why don't i get to get to go crazy

  • this quiz was stupid

    besides.... .....id destroy ur story b4 u even new wat hit u


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