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  • So this wasnt very accurate, and didnt give me any words to represent me. And I did indeed read the stuff, many of us do, and it didnt feel very positive. But thanks for adding viola, I love viola and play it!

    • I agree. This quiz did not give any words to reprisent me at all. And my result was 1. Not true

      And 2. The oppisite of positive.
      I did hot like this quiz.

    • what the hell with this quiz!!! gave me 35%. Must be pretty bad, but truthfully I don't think I'm as bad as it seems to say I am. This is definitely not my fave quiz.

      Trixie Lestrange
    • Kawaii or Anime
      none i like both

      what a long name
    • I do not like this quiz either. I did not get the result the quiz-title promised.