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  • My Favorite book is Wolves of the Beyond: Shadow Wolf. And My Other One Wolves Of The Beyond: Lone Wolf. Favorite Charatars: Foalan, Mhaire , Dearlea , Thunderheart, Edme, Whistler, MacDuncan. Least favorite: Heep. Thank very Much!

  • This quiz was no good. I absolutely love wolves, they are my favorite animals and I got Omega. Total spam. Whoever created this quiz I'm sure could do better.

  • I HATED IT I LOVE WOLVES YOUR A HORRIBLE QUIZ MAKER(look sorry I'm yelling at you but you made me really mad and I am a hot head so sorry but you could try to do a lot better)

    shadow wolf 1213
  • I hate this quiz. Rated it 1 star. Omega wolf? MORE LIKE ALFA!!! No seriouly I really love wolves my favorite book is "Wolves of the Beond 1" and "Wolves of the Beond 2". Horribe quiz. bla bla bla. spam. I agree with SockoCat.

  • Omega. Well thats just wonderful. lol

    Pros: Great description, good questions, low result isn't mean!

    Cons: Wrong type of quiz.

  • I'm a beta idiot! Not a omega! 0% love wolves? f--- no! Ima wolf lover more than you know!

  • this guiz is dum it said u must love wolfs 0% i was like what the f---! THE BRICH WHO MADE THIS PROB MADE IT DO THT!


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